Installed kde-full

I’ve been fairly happy running GNOME on my Debian system. However, for a few years I’ve had problems with the organization tool, evolution, that comes with GNOME and provides calendar, email, addressbook, etc. I started to look at the architecture and felt that it was overly distributed and very fragile (breaks a lot, incompatible data formats between upgrades), so I switched to claws-mail. However, claws-mail doesn’t provide all the needed functionality. However, there are ongoing problems that bother me. I have recurring problems with mime-types not mapping correctly so that jpg thumbnail preview fails while jpeg files preview just fine. Further, there seems to be a tendency to move to the Mono/.NET platform for development. While I understand the impetus, I am very wary of any integration with Microsoft. KDE’s system is based in QT which is owned now by Nokia. I can live with that easier than living with a migration toward Microsoft technology. I installed KDE to play with and see how it works out. For development purposes I’m very comfortable with C++, and I am learning Python, both of which are supported on both GNOME and KDE. However, on KDE the C++ language is the “native” development platform (with QT specific extensions), while on GNOME C-language is the native environment. I am happy to use C too, but for a number of reasons C++ is more useful. I would prefer something more at the Java/C# level that ran on a completely open source community platform (rather than using Java or CLR’s specification) but that isn’t a project that I’m interested in taking on and I didn’t see such a platform out there after looking around; may just have missed it.


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Writer, progresive activist, open source software developer. Working to meet the needs of under- and un-employed people globally and in the United States.
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