Illusions Breed Disillusionment

Zoltan Zigedy | ZZ’s blog | August 23, 2009

I read this week in the voice of liberalism, The New York Times, that President Obama’s supporters have been “punked” and “duped” by the Administration. Both liberal icons Frank Rich and Paul Krugman expressed outrage – as much as prominent, officially acceptable liberals can be outraged – by the Administration’s retreats on health care reform. The word “betrayed” is spreading like a wild fire through the liberal blogosphere.

This expression of anger is entirely misplaced. Once bitten, twice bitten, thrice bitten, ad infinitum, one wonders how many bites it takes before so-called progressives will study the history of the two-party system and its sordid, ever-expanding corruption and draw some sane conclusions. Perhaps it takes a dose of Marxism to heal the myopia of our liberal and progressive allies who rise to every Democratic Party electoral victory and see a new day dawning.

This is no defense of Obama: he is no worse or better than his counterparts over the last many decades. In fact, given the continued debasement of US democracy, he may well be marginally better than his Party’s predecessors. Surely no one realistically believes that a Clinton, Edwards, Biden, or any other prominent, sufficiently funded, Democratic Senator or Governor would offer a more progressive Presidency.

Now is not the time for bitterness, anger, blame (or even “I told you so”). It is the time, however, for thinking hard and seriously about alternatives to the two-party monopoly of political power. It is the time to press aggressively for an independent people’s agenda, beginning today with an all-out effort to force single-payer, universal health care – an urgent and immediate need – on to the legislative front burner… with or without President Obama.

Mindful of the spreading cynicism among liberals, I offer below an article posted on MLToday some time between the November election and the Obama inauguration, where I forecast the trajectory of the incoming Administration and warn of the danger of illusions and a blank check. See also The Political Economy of the Elections ( written during the primary season.


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