WebKit Flash 10 problem breaks Midori, Google Chrome, Epiphany-Webkit on Debian Sid

I saw the movie “District 9” today and I was curious about the movie website (d-9.com). The website requires Adobe Flash Player.

I recently switched to Xfce4 in my endless quest for the right window manager. So far this has been a good fit for my needs; gtk+ as the foundation, and light weight compared to GNOME. Midori is the browser associated with the Xfce desktop development team.

I like Midori very much. It is light and fast. You can easily turn off loading images which is a very useful feature as I rarely really want the images (generally ads anyway).

Midori did not load the d-9 web site because Flash was not available to the browser.

I checked and Flash loaded fine in epiphany-gecko and Iceweasel.

Reading through the web pages, it appeared that Flash should work, especially if you set the MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH=… the appropriate path to find the flash plugin. See here for more information.

The problem I encountered was not a Midori issue; I have libwebkit-1.0.2 installed and it doesn’t support Flash 10.

I installed Flash 9. Older versions of flash are available here.

libwebkit-1.0-2 works fine with Flash 9 .

Midori works fine with flash 9. Epiphany-webkit also works with that older version of flash.
Midori breaks with flash 10. Epiphany-webkit also breaks with that newer version of flash.
Google-chrome exhibits the same behavior.

The bug is clearly a WebKit bug, so I assume that the bug will be resolved when webkit deals with it and (for me) Debian distributes the update.

Debian has the bug here.

The d-9 web site required flash version 10, so I reinstalled that and switched from epiphany-webkit to epiphany-gecko, and all was happy.


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