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I’ve been experimenting with twitter, Facebook, and blogging. In the end, twitter is good for sharing links, Facebook doesn’t do anything for me, and blogging lets me share some thoughts and get feedback.

Blogs and twitter work well together since I can write the blog and then announce it on twitter. I like that dynamic.

I ignore facebook but don’t remove my account because long lost friends have found me through my Facebook page, and some people use Facebook as their primary email interface. Other than that, I could delete my Facebook account and never miss it.

While I am involved, and in some instances play a leadership role, in various organizations, the blog gives me a venue to work out my own thoughts without the constraints of representation; the comments belong to me alone.

So, I expect to resume blogging for my sanity. The world is both challenging and fun, and writing about both can be very helpful.


About rico49

Writer, progresive activist, open source software developer. Working to meet the needs of under- and un-employed people globally and in the United States.
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