More on Google’s App Engine

I continue to read about Google’s App Engine seeking to decide if it is usable as a platform for my current project.

Outstanding questions:

How to handle user authentication and application permissions and roles.
Do I need App Engine? It is sweet on the database side but the platform as a whole seems either difficult to understand or not ready for prime time, reading the developer questions and reports.

Bottom line, I trust Google will fix any problems. The issue is:
a) If I use App Engine then I’m locked into it, or am I?
b) Limits like 1000 records per result set don’t seem an issue now but…. I don’t have a crystal ball.

However, once you taste the App Engine data store interface you don’t ever want to go back to the old relational model ever again.

Look here for some good information: /Practical_Google_App_Engine_Applications_in_Py.pdf


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