Happy holidays 2010

Channukah is behind us. Christmas is ahead. There are other holidays going on in other cultures and religions and nationalities as well.

The winter solstice just passed on december 21, the days will start elongating toward spring, and though the snow is on the ground and the temperature is in the teens and cooling down, in just a few months the flowers will be bursting out and spring will return to the NE United States and the Lake Michigan area.

This time of year brings yearning for lost friends and family and plans for getting closer with the friends and family I have, commitments to better health and more joy in my life, and pleasant anticipation for the coming year.

I wish for peace, for an end to hunger, homelessness, and assaults on human dignity that are taken as normal in this world.

Hope and optimism, health and joy, to all.



About rico49

Writer, progresive activist, open source software developer. Working to meet the needs of under- and un-employed people globally and in the United States.
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