Building Anjuta- on Debian Sid

I’m running Debian Sid (unstable) 32bit.

Whenever I tried to run Anjuta 2.26.2 I got the error:

Anjuta error message

Anjuta error message

From the #anjuta chat room on I found out that the issue related to libgda-4.0 being required. I found further discussion related to that library at:

I downloaded the libgda-4.0 source from

When I compiled it, the libraries where dropped into /usr/local/lib.  I tried running Anjuta and it didn’t find the libraries. Since most libraries on my system are in /usr/lib, I recompiled libgda-4.0 with ./config –prefix=/usr, which caused the libraries to be dropped in the  /usr/lib directory on install.

make clean
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

That was successful in building and installing libgda-4.0.

However, Anjuta still presents the same error when run.

I then downloaded the Anjuta source using:

apt-get source anjuta
apt-get build-dep anjuta

This didn’t install anything else, possibly I’d run it on another day as I’ve been messing with this problem for a week or so.

In any case, when compiling Anjuta I found that the build-deps did not include all the dependencies. I had to install the following packages:

sudo aptitude install libgsasl7-dev libneon27-gnutls-dev libserf-0-0-dev libserf-0-0-dbg

After installing these extra dependencies, the Anjuta build was successful, leaving the new executable in /usr/local/bin/anjuta.

Running this version, all is good 🙂


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