Building DropBox on Debian Sid

I was tweeted today about a special offer from

As I run Debian Linux I had to build their client from source; no big deal.

The README indicated that libnautilus-extension-dev and libnotify-dev were both required.  They were already installed on my system.  However, I also needed the following packages, which were not already installed, via the command line following:

sudo aptitude install python-roman python-docutils docutils-writer-odt python-chardet python-pygments docutils-writer-manpage

I don’t know if they were all needed, but python-docutils package alone didn’t resolve the issue.

.Once the packages were installed, the normal build process worked fine when run in the source directory:.

sudo make install

The result is /usr/bin/dropbox installed, along with /usr/bin/dropdb, /usr/bin/droplang, and /usr/bin/dropuser.

The interace is a command-line console application. 

Running dropbox-start brought up the error:
Starting Dropbox...
The Dropbox Daemon is not installed!
Run with -i to install the daemon

The command: dropbox start -i brought up the installer.  The DropBox daemon is downloaded.

2 GB + 250 MB bonus is available for free. 50 GB at 9.99/month, and up from there.  With 2GB I can backup my documents but not my multi-media, which is good enough for now.

Dropbox is presented as a special folder, which is a very clean interface. Just drop files into this folder and they go to DropBox.

I'm very intrigued and will play with DropBox for a while.  If it works out, most of my regular data will end up in DropBox so that I know it is backed up.

Screen shot of the DropBox folder after successful installation

Screen shot of the DropBox folder after successful installation


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